Sekitar pengundian PRK Bukit Gantang & elections-live-coverage

Sekitar pengundian PRK Bukit Gantang

5.36 pm Amiruddin reports that PKR’s chances are bright in Bukit Selambau, with a 70:30 chance of victory.

5.35 pm Batang Ai: Based on the early count, BN and PKR are neck-and-neck. BN is leading PKR by 331 to 300. Unofficial results from the following polling stations: Ulu Engkari – BN 42, PKR 33 Bertik – BN 107, PKR 47 Sempang – BN 37, PKR 52 Delok – BN 86, PKR 21 Mengiling – BN 59, PKR 147 Gugu – BN 59, PKR 149, Krang Mong – BN 88, PKR 15. BN is still leading.

5.00 pm Polling officially closes at all stations at Batang Ai, Bt Selambau and Bt Gantang.

4.58 pm This is Perak Speaker Sivakumar who has just arrived in Air Kuning, Bukit Gantang.

4.56 pm Two more ballot boxes arrive at Lubok Antu sports complex, from Tadika Kemas Kaong Ulu and Nanga Jela; 19 in all now.

4.54 pm Latest !!! Samy Vellu and the gang had left Bukit Selambau as awell as all BN Ministers also leaving Bukit Gantang. Is this a good sign that the PR would be declared as winners in this two hills?

4.48 pm Batang Ai:The 17th ballot box arrives from SK Sebangki at Lubok Antu sports complex. Bt Selambau: Police say they are investigating, under unlawful restraint, an incident this morning involving PKR supporters stopping Barisan party workers thinking they were ‘phantom voters.’

4.45 pm Of the five boxes opened, BN has won four polling stations – Ng Delok, Dewan Serbaguna Batang Ai, Kerangan Mong and Ulu Engkari. PKR won one in Sempang. BN is leading with 908 votes against PKR’

s 356, majority 552. About 20 percent of the votes have been counted so far. Our sources are telling us Batang Ai will go to the BN. Bt Gantang will go either way and Bt Selambau will got the PKR. Three more ballot boxes arrive from Tadika Kemas Krangan Mong, Sesco township hall and SK Skarok at Lubok Antu sports complex; there are 16 boxes in all now.

4.23 pm Unofficial result for Batang Ai : after four of 13 boxes counted at tally centre in Lubok Antu sports complex, Barisan (204) leading PKR (147 votes).

Bukit Selambau : According to elections watchdog Mafrel, a commotion erupted at SJK Chung Hua when DAP stalwart Karpal Singh and Kedah MB Azizan Razak arrived. “Unhappy MIC members threw water bottles at their cars. According to observers, passers-by were also hit. It is not clear what caused the commotion.” (Malaysiakini)4.21 pm In Bukit Selambau, at the SM Sains Sultan Mohd Jiwa, out of 2,494 voters, 1,560 of them checked in at the PKR booth.

4.00 pm Bt Gantang – Low voter turnout continues to worry Pakatan here. “Many young people couldn’t come back and vote because it is a working day. It should have been a weekend. The EC cannot expect voters to be at its beck and call and get leave so easily. We must be more considerate and remember what sort of economic climate we are in – would the EC want to risk being retrenched?” Said Tian Chua, Keadilan information chief.

Bukit Selambau The EC has announced that the turnout of voters here stood at 61 percent as at 3pm. Kedah EC chief Zainal Abidin Zakaria believed a 70 percent turnout or more can be achieved by the time polling closes at 5pm.

Batang Ai : The 13th ballot box arrives at the Lubok Antu sports complex, from Rumah Limpeng Lepong.

3.58  pm Bt Gantang – Low voter turnout continues to worry Pakatan here. “Many young people couldn’t come back and vote because it is a working day. It should have been a weekend. The EC cannot expect voters to be at its beck and call and get leave so easily. We must be more considerate and remember what sort of economic climate we are in – would the EC want to risk being retrenched?” Said Tian Chua, Keadilan information chief.

Bukit Selambau The EC has announced that the turnout of voters here stood at 61 percent as at 3pm. Kedah EC chief Zainal Abidin Zakaria believed a 70 percent turnout or more can be achieved by the time polling closes at 5pm.

3.50 pm Bt Gantang: With less than two hours too, it starts raining here again. Batang Ai: Counting begins for six ballot boxes from SK Nanga Delok, SK Ulu Engkari, SK Nanga Aup, Tadika Kemas Sempang, Batang Ai Salcra Multipurpose Hall and Nanga Patoh Agriculture office. More ballot boxes arrive at the Lubok Antu sports complex from Nanga Menyebat, Nanga Tibu and Rumah Renggie Bukong.

3.00 pm EC chairperson Abdul Aziz Yusof said that the turnout at Bukit Gantang stood at 58.15 percent as at 2pm.

Bt Selambau: Independent candidate M Vinsen is complaining of discrepancies in the ballot paper at the Institut Kemahiran Mara polling centre in respect to his name and his logo. He said that his name was placed next to someone else’s logo in the ballot paper. He also said that his name was misspelt in the ballot counting box which would be used for the counting process later. He lodged a police report in Sungai Petani over the matter and promised to take action against the Election Commission over the issue. The police detained two men aged 37 and 54 at Kampung Bukit Lembu this morning for stopping a bus carrying BN election workers. Elections watchdog Mafrel observers spot two more buses suspected to be ferrying phantom voters. One bus was seen at Taman Ria Jaya and another was heading towards Tasek Apong. The passengers claimed to be BN supporters from Alor Setar. Mafrel said photos were taken of the buses by the observers.

Batang Ai: With voting in some polling districts closed by now, the trend suggest an unexpectedly high voters turnout. In the three fairly sizable polling districts of Sebangki, Mepi and Batu Kaya, the turnout in the morning is very brisk and with two hours before closing, it had already exceeded 70 percent. Please note the lower turnout announced earlier for Batang Ai.. All of sudden there is this sudden jump.

2.45 pm Massive fraud by the Taib Mahmud government is expected to be carried out to influence the final outcome of Batang Ai election result. At Bt Gantang: Mafrel chair Syed Ibrahim was at Bkt Gantang doing some roaming observation. He noticed that the SPR is deploying their HQ officials in big polling centres over 3 voting streams-which he thought is new. Another new development is the use of cameras to scan people coming in and out of the SPR barongs. This may seems intimidating to voters and may violate one of the election rules. Need more checking on this issue.

2.30 pm Batang Ai: Ballot boxes from Rumah Intang Mengiling Nanga Patoh Agriculture Office, SK Nanga Delok and SK Nanga Kumpang arrive at Lubok Antu sports complex.

2.20 pm Bt Selambau – According to EC officials, some 40 percent of the 35,140 registered voters there have cast their ballots as of noon. “I think we are safe in Bt Selambau,” said Tian Chua, Keadilan’

s information chief. It is still raining in many parts of Bt Gantang, keeping voters away. Traffic too is horrendous caused by police roadblocks at Kuala Sepetang.

1.35 pm Changkat Jering thief, Mohd Osman Jailu complained that he was abused by PAS supporters who called him a traitor and a ‘frog’

when he went to cast his ballot at the SK Changkat Jering polling centre this morning

12.59 pm It is raining in Bukit Gantang. Traffic in all major roads are affected. PR workers are reporting a good turnout especially at the Chinese constituencies of Kuala Sepetang and Kampung Baru Simpang.

12.40 pm 7 Keadilan members were arrested for using Altantuya mask

12.37 pm One bus carrying phantom voters has been stopped by opposition supporters at Gurun, some 20 kilometres away from Sungai Petani. The bus was stopped by these supporters at about 10am and is now at the Gurun police station. The police as usual said they were not sure if the passengers were supporters or voters. The police are checking on their status now, using the electoral roll, and they will be found not guilty.

12.24 pm Our sources from foreign news agencies are telling us as of noon, only 40% of the 35,140 registered voters at Bt Selambau had cast their ballots. Massive fraud are taking place in this constituency and the EC is expected to announce a higher voter turn-out. Batang Ai: The ballot boxes from SK Ulu Engkari and Batang Ai Salcra multipurpose hall arrive at the counting centre at the Lubok Antu sports complex by helicopter. Voting has closed at five polling stations namely SK Ulu Engkari, SK Nanga Delok, SK Nanga Aup, Tadika Kemas Sempang and Batang Ai Salcra multipurpose hall.

12.16 pm Complaints against the Election Commission have started to emerge, with phantom voters sighted in Bt Gantang.

12.05 pm Bt Selambau

A record voter turn-out is expected at Bt Selambau. This is strange indeed. Phantom Of The Opera play may be staged here by 5 pm. EC officials expect voter turnout to hit 50 percent by noon. At 11 am, it was 32 percent.

12 noon NGO’

s such as Sadia and Mafrel are looking into the Batang Ai bye-election to ensure the ballot boxes are not tampered with. Polling in some areas will be closed at 1 pm. The ballot boxes will be transported either by helicopters or boats. As we said earlier, the birds in Sarawak belong to Taib Mahmud, and it is risky to tie the result slips by the legs of the birds.

11.45 – Bukit Selambau – The rival supporters have been dispersed and separated. The Pas supporters outside the school outnumber the the BN group four to one. (This ratio is almost similar to the ratio of Pas flag-bearing vehicles on the road to the BN vehicles.

But the Pas side outside the school appears more calm while the boisterous BN side is singing, “Inilah Barisan kita“.

According to the Perak EC, the voter turnout as at 10 am was 17.77 percent in Bt Gantang, 21.92 percent in Bt Selambau and 32.41 percent in Batang Ai.

11.40am Bukit Gantang The first report of alleged phantom voters has emerged. Blogger Haris Ibrahim reported that a bus was sighted at Bukit Lembu at 10.20am, carrying 29 occupants “who appear to be phantom voters”.He said that the bus was escorted by police cars all the way to the Gurun police station.

“The gate was closed but one PKR representative was allowed to go in. A small group gathered outside the police station,” he blogged.

11.42 am – Bukit SelambauThere are about 50 trained Mafrel observers going on duty to observe the 22 polling centres around Bkt Selambau area, making it the biggest group to cover the by-election other than the government side. 30 keep watch inside the polling centre/schools while the rest outside.

11.37 am Bukit Gantang – Non-Malay voters are starting to come out to the polling centres, with rain forecast in Bt Gantang in the afternoon. As emotions begin to run high, police are increasing back-up forces in Taiping and Kuala Sepetang. Sources mentioned to Keadilan party members of the increasing presence of Light Strike Force and FRU units, but the overall situation is calm, even cheerful although emotional.

11.30 – Bkt Selambau – There are two pathways, for Pas and BN respectively, to the main school entrance. The Pas pondok is near hawker stalls, thus very little space for car-parking. Most voters were thus parking near the BN pathway and entering the school using the shortcut where the BN pondok is.

The Pas supporters thus came over to the BN “shortcut” to canvas voters and apparently, the BN supporters didn’t like the Pas voters coming over to “their side”.

11.10 – Kg Air Kuning, Bukit Selambau – Teargas has just been fired by FRU at the Air Kuning school about 200 metres away to welcome Haji Hadi Awang who came with black Toyota 2.7 VVT-1.

10.50 am Bt Gantang – Popular PAS candidate Nizar Jamaluddin was mobbed on his arrival at the Sek Keb Changkat Jering polling centre. Nizar will not be voting as he is not a constituent, but he will drop by at several centres to thank his supporters.

10.25 am Bt Gantang – the Election Commission has estimated a 20 per cent turnout as of 10 am.

10.11 am In Batang Ai, the pace is much less hectic as there are only 8,006 registered voters. The main battle there will be between Pakatan’s Jawah Gerang and BN’

s Malcolm Mussen. Because of the spread-out and undeveloped terrain, helicopters will be used to ferry in ballot boxes from some of the more remote centres.

10.00 am With both the main protagonists in Bt Selambau – Pakatan’s S Manikumar and BN’

s S Ganesan – having already cast their votes well before 9 am, attention has shifted to Bt Gantang. Everyone is waiting for PAS leader Nizar Jamaluddin to make an appearance. Meanwhile, at the Sek Keb Changkat Jering polling centre, hundreds of PAS and Umno supporters have intensified their verbal battle. But the situation is under control.

9.42 am Bt Gantang – A traffic snarl is building up at the main junction in Taiping, with police up and about monitoring the situation. More voters are coming out now and party workers have their hands full helping out. Rain has been forecast in the afternoon.

9.20 am Bt Gantang – BN’s Ismail Saffian expects to win by a majority of 1,000 to 3,000. “I leave it to the voters,”

he told reporters after casting his ballot.

9.00 am Bt Gantang – BN’

s Ismail Saffian is waiting to cast his vote, while an air of expectancy builds up for the arrival of popular PAS leader Nizar Jamaluddin, the Pakatan menteri besar whose administration was toppled by a plot orchestrated by Prime Minister Najib Razak in February.

8.55 am In Batang Ai, where there are only 8,006 registered voters, balloting is also underway in the many remote centres spread across the sprawling constituency. Officials there say it may be possible for results to be announced before 9 pm.

8.48 am Police personnel form barrier between BN and Pakatan supporters. Taiping police chief said light strike force personnel will be stationed at all centres to maintain crowd control. While noisy, all seems to be calm with no untoward incidents reported so far.

8.32 am In Bt Gantang, a crowd of hundreds is starting to build at the SK Dato Panglima Gantang voting centre, where BN candidate Ismail Saffian will be voting. BN and Pakatan supporters have begun cheering and jeering at each other, waving party flags in support of their candidates.

8.20 am Bt Selambau Keadilan candidate S Manikumar casts his vote at SMK Taman Ria Jaya. “I am confident of winning this seat, maybe with even a majority of more than 2,000,”

he said.

8.15 am Bt Selambau BN candidate S Ganesan casts his vote at SJKT Ladang Perbadanan. “Now it is up to the voters. Tonight I will sleep well. I leave it to the voters and God now,”

he told reporters after casting his vote.

8.00 am Nearly 100,000 eligible Malaysians will cast their votes today at Bukit Gantang in Perak, Bukit Selambau in Kedah and Batang Ai in Sarawak. So far weather is good at all three places.

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